Turning Waste CO₂ into Profitable Carbon Products

Solid Carbon Products has the technology to convert waste CO₂ into commercially viable Noyes Carbon™, with only pure water as a byproduct. Our patented and proven process can turn waste emissions into the raw materials for tires, lithuim ion batteries and countless other products and processes. We have the tools to reengineer the carbon sector.

Of unique value to:

Transform expensive waste into a valuable commercial product

Solid Carbon Products offers CO₂ emitters the CO₂ utilization technology to convert waste CO₂ into Noyes Carbon™ Black and Noyes Carbon™ Nanofiber. These are valuable ingredients to ultra-strong and lightweight materials for building and manufacturing. This process is clean. In addition to reducing CO₂ emissions by converting it to solid Noyes Carbon™, it leaves behind just water.

By licensing our technology for use in your own plants you: 1) stay ahead of unpredictable carbon emission limits; 2) reduce your exposure to potential litigation; 3) foster goodwill in the communities where you operate; and 4) do so while increasing the profitability of your business.

Meet pollution reduction goals through market-driven incentives

Solid Carbon Products offers governments trying to reduce CO₂ emissions something much more effective than regulation, it is a market-based solution. Our CO₂ utilisation technology allows businesses to convert their waste CO₂ directly into valuable carbon products, with only water as the byproduct. These CO₂-sourced carbon products are the key ingredient to tomorrow’s high-tech building, manufacturing, and jobs.

By introducing Solid Carbon Products to the CO₂ creating businesses important in your region, you: 1) speed reduction of environmental pollutants; 2) increase the fiscal health of your businesses; and 3) foster the development of tomorrow’s jobs.

Accelerate change with a true win for industry and the environment

Solid Carbon Products’ groundbreaking CO₂ utilization technology does not reduce CO₂ emissions by storing carbon, but instead by enabling businesses to convert CO₂ into valuable carbon products. These carbon products are the key ingredient to tomorrow’s high-tech building, manufacturing, and jobs. Our technology is a unique means for permanent sequestration, it is ready to employ today, and it leaves nothing behind but water.

By spreading awareness of the technology offered by Solid Carbon Products you can: 1) move industry more rapidly towards CO₂ reductions and mitigation; 2) incentivize governments of all political leanings to reduce CO₂ through producing valuable commercial products and job creation; and 3) do so without concessions that only postpone problems until tomorrow.

The Noyes Process™

The main feed stock in the Noyes Process™, our patented chemical process, is CO₂, which is abundantly available as a byproduct from many industrial processes. The second input is either hydrogen gas (H₂) or methane (CH₄). Through a multi-step process these reactants, in a heated, pressurized vessel, produce solid Noyes Carbon™ and distilled water. SCP is ready to scale the hydrogen process; the methane process is the next step in our engineering trajectory.

Carbon Black and Carbon Nanofiber are produced by this process. Each of these carbon morphologies have unique commercial value, and output of each can be controlled by altering process parameters such as reaction temperature, production gas composition, and catalyst type. In addition to being produced cleanly, at production volumes these products are created at a much lower cost than by traditional means. Because this is a continuous process, rather than a batch process, it is ideal for industrial scaling. SCP's CO₂-sourced carbon can also serve as the precursor carbon for post-processing into synthetic graphite.

About Solid Carbon Products

Solid Carbon Products was founded by an engineer motivated by his son’s deployment to Iraq to find a method to produce high-strength carbon at a price necessary for supplying better armor to soldiers on the battlefield. His research uncovered the foundational ideas that led to the revolutionary process now proven with a fully functioning pilot production reactor and patents both issued and pending from the U.S. and other nations around the world. In 2011 Solid Carbon Products was awarded the Utah Innovation award in the category “Clean Technology and Energy” for our CO₂ Catalytic Converter. The company is poised to change the carbon sequestration paradigm.

Intellectual Property

Solid Carbon Products has exclusive global rights, including full sub-licensing rights, to a pool of issued patents (foundation chemistry, process and reactor design, combined cycle process) and over thirty pending.


Solid Carbon Products has a pilot production reactor in operation at our facility near Salt Lake City, Utah. Visits by interested investors, licensing-partners, and the press are welcome.

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The people leading change

Solid Carbon Products is managed by seasoned business professionals, with deep experience in engineering and process development. They have successfully managed prior start-ups and emerging growth ventures. Our advisory board includes leading thinkers and movers in business and technology. These people, along with everyone who has contributed to our technology, have shaped SCP into a force that is literally going to change the world.

Gay Wyn E. Quance

CEO and President

Gay Wyn is the controlling owner of SCP. She and her late husband, Dallas B. Noyes, founded SCP in 2009. She has led a career at the leading edge of energy and business. With a background in chemistry and geology, she spent 15 years as a commissioning and reliability engineer at nuclear power plants, before leading rapid application development and professional software services in the ecommerce, nuclear, and smart grid sectors. She has spoken widely about the promise of CO₂ utilization to solve some of the most pressing problems facing us today.

Advisory Board

Todd Stevens

Mr. Stevens has been an investor in SCP since 2011. He is a Harvard MBA and a co-founder and Managing Director of RenewableTech Ventures, the leading energy and clean technology investor in the Rocky Mountain region. Todd has assisted in developing over 300 MW of cogeneration and renewable energy projects and has financed over $400 million in energy projects.

Mark Greenberg

Mr. Greenberg has also been an investor since 2011, as well as managing one of SCP’s largest investor groups. He has been a private equity investor in advanced technology and green areas for over 15 years and often serves on the boards of these investments. He received his Masters of Information Sciences from a joint program offered by Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the Sloan School of Management at MIT. Previously, Mr. Greenberg worked for over 25 years at Accenture, completing his Accenture career as the Managing Partner, responsible for Accenture’s Global Technology Practice in the Chemicals Industry

Seth Baruch

Mr. Baruch holds a Master of Science in International Relations from The London School of Economics and Political Science. For the last 10 years he has served as CEO of Carbonomics, LLC. Carbonomics develops energy efficiency, renewable energy and microgrid projects for clients around the world. Carbonomics identifies greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction opportunities, determines how projects can generate carbon credits, and guides companies through the entire process.

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In the News

The New York Times Magazine: "Quance is now working with Goodyear to explore using her company’s carbon black to make car tires sustainably."

Solid Carbon Products is featured in The New York Times' survey of leading carbontech players, "Has the Carbontech Revolution Begun?"

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"A patented process developed in a Utah County basement could be the answer to two critical environmental issues facing the world today."

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Solid Carbon Products Selected Winner in Clean Technology and Energy by the Utah Technology Council.

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Contact Us

Solid Carbon Products is entering licensing negotiations for its IP rights with companies who wish to make their CO₂ profitable. We are also working with trade publications and other media to broaden awareness of these revolutionary capabilities.

Please contact us to obtain more information or to schedule a meeting with our team. Visits to our facility can be arranged by interested parties. We look forward to collaborating in creating cleaner environments, more robust economies, and more profitable businesses.

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